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Security & Privacy

We take extreme measures to secure your data and protect consumer privacy in full compliance with industry norms and standards:
  • Security
  • All customer data is maintained in a silo and destroyed post-project
  • We never share or resell customer data to third parties
  • 256-bit key encryption is applied to any data in use
  • Privacy
  • We do not cookie or track users
  • We use only public data and respect all privacy settings
  • To opt-out of our analysis, please fill out the form below.
  • We abide by the NAI and DMA privacy standards and guidelines.

Consumer Privacy

TrueLens helps innovative brands to understand their customers better with the goal of developing new products and making all of their communication with customers (emails, online ads, etc.) more interesting and personalized--reducing the amount of spam people are bombarded with, and instead offer them relevant and useful content, product offers and special discounts.

We try to understand people's preferences and interests based solely on 100% public data, such as what may be available on Google or public social media sites. In addition, we advocate for the use of this preference data in aggregate rather than on an individual level.

We take privacy and security extremely seriously, and are happy to help if you would not like to participate in our system. Just submit your email address through this form and we will exclude any public content we find authored by you from our analysis.

*To opt-out of targeted advertising, visit Evidon's privacy clearinghouse.