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Downtown Josh Brown: The Postmaster had to show a slide deck to explain how fortunate the USPS is to have ecommerce customers like Amazo… 8 days ago - 102 retweets

dan barker: For the 210 people on Twitter who requested the "GDPR for Ecommerce" guide that @webdevlaw and I wrote, here it is:… 3 days ago - 97 retweets

Dr. Jill Biden, SCUS: More than 60% of families impacted by poverty have no books in their homes. You can help us build a better future f… 6 days ago - 79 retweets

TNW: Adobe acquires ecommerce CMS Magento for $1.68 billion 5 days ago - 78 retweets

Stephanie Ruhle: Trump has accused Amazon of skirting taxes, killing jobs and hurting communities. Here’s more on why the president… 5 days ago - 73 retweets

Maria Johnsen: If you want to land more #sales, do not use only one or 2 platforms🤓👆 #DigitalMarketing… 2 days ago - 49 retweets

Neil Patel: The Ultimate Guide to Taking and Optimizing Ecommerce Product Images 4 days ago - 49 retweets

TechCrunch: The purchase of @magento gives Adobe a missing Ecommerce platform piece that works in B2B and B2C contexts 6 days ago - 35 retweets

Maria Johnsen: Today i elevated a client's #Bing account to #QualifiedBingSpecialist 🤓👆one of Bing agents admired my campaigns an 2 days ago - 34 retweets

Maria Johnsen: #Bing has an awesome support system and the majority of their agents are knowledgeable. Love you guys!❤️🤗… 2 days ago - 32 retweets

Maria Johnsen: #Bing #Advertising for your #business 🤓👆 Lower #CostPerClick & longer ads & Yes I will manage your #Adwords as we 2 days ago - 30 retweets

Maria Johnsen: Facts On #Retargeting And #Remarketing #SEO #socialmedia #publicity #digitalmarketing… 24 minutes ago - 12 retweets

Scholastic Teachers: How can you engage students during instruction to ensure that striving readers make gains? Read more from authors… 7 hours ago - 7 retweets

YourStory: “We started with 10 orders a day on our website. By the eighth semester, we were doing customised T-shirts by colla… 4 hours ago - 4 retweets