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olivia o'brien: i’ve been eating soooo much food lately bc my life is so boring i have nothing to do but eat 1 days ago - 1450 retweets

Jamie Oliver: You've never had a salad like this before! It's Jamie's take on a MEGA Indonesian gado-gado salad, as seen on Jamie… 2 days ago - 810 retweets

Natalie Rowe: NHS will be piloting a scheme which will allow Doctors to hand out £1 food vouchers YEP £1, In order to combat maln… 2 days ago - 805 retweets

The Real Fat Nick: Haven't ate fast food or fried food in 5 days on my way to becoming the best slim thick I could be 1 days ago - 731 retweets

BBC Springwatch: Every morning, this little robin comes into a store in Swansea to start his 'shift'... 🎶 Singing by the bird food!… 21 hours ago - 661 retweets

The Rolling Stones: NO STOPPING! “Music is a necessity. After food, air, water and warmth, music is the next necessity of life.” Keith… 10 hours ago - 629 retweets

Ashleigh Murray: 2 years ago today, I interviewed to be a ttp receptionist, walked 20mins to buy groceries on my new food stamp card… 1 days ago - 583 retweets

Ted Lieu: My wife and I recently came back from doing a midnight delivery of food to the amazing students of the Torrance Sou… 21 hours ago - 572 retweets

Tom Steyer: Balancing the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable Americans—those who don’t have enough to eat—to pay for a… 5 hours ago - 538 retweets

Manjinder S Sirsa: Rukhsana Kausar was with her parents in J&K when 3 Pakistani terrorists entered their home and demanded food/beds f… 3 hours ago - 290 retweets

The Straits Times: Weather 🌧 : Showers mainly over northern and eastern Singapore in the afternoon. Which is harder - waking up on a… 1 days ago - 185 retweets