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Ashley C. Ford: I'm the founder/creative director for a startup co-owned by father & I pay my employees in experience, foosball, an… 2 days ago - 295 retweets

Financial Times: Emmanuel Macron: 'I want France to be a nation that thinks and moves like a startup. Entrepreneur is the new France… 2 days ago - 104 retweets

ESSEC BusinessSchool: #Infographic The Evolution of #IoT @ipfconline1 @CouthonConseil #BigData #DataScience #Fintech #AI #Startup… 2 days ago - 95 retweets

MIT: How Boston/Cambridge became the "best place in the world" to launch a biotech startup: via… 2 days ago - 84 retweets

Harvard Biz Review: Startups can do anything. Companies can only do what’s legal. 1 days ago - 82 retweets

Eric Schmidt: Proud to see @Google and @AmerUnderground helping diversify the startup scene in Durham 2 days ago - 41 retweets