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Sahil Lavingia: Founding a startup is like putting all of your eggs in one basket, and then throwing that basket off a cliff. 2 days ago - 479 retweets

Carey O'Donnell: Adam Levine looks like the co-founder of a Flatiron startup who comes from generational money and deals ecstasy on… 2 days ago - 130 retweets

CNN: The T-Pod truck doesn’t have a steering wheel or even a cab. Swedish startup EINRIDE says it’s the first autonomous… 7 hours ago - 122 retweets

Umar Saif: The worst thing an investor can do in a startup, is to elbow out the entrepreneurs and try to become the CEO. This… 1 days ago - 104 retweets

Moeed Pirzada: A Pakistani startup develops a virtual reality App that offers total immersion training for pilgrims. Good Work!… 4 hours ago - 104 retweets

Yahoo Finance: Highlight: There’s a “lack of diversity” in the VC space, says @chamillionaire. “There’s a certain type of founder… 2 days ago - 77 retweets

Christina Farr: Scoop: Apple quietly made another acquisition of a digital health startup @Techmeme 2 days ago - 74 retweets

Israel in India: 🙏सुप्रभात 🇮🇳 Good morning friends, we hope that you already know many facts about #Israel, its history, tourist si 12 hours ago - 54 retweets

Fast Company: Making ocean water safe to drink is usually an expensive and polluting prospect. This Finnish startup has found a w… 2 days ago - 47 retweets

TicToc by Bloomberg: 1,000,000 acres of trees were burned during last year's California wildfires — but this drone startup is dropping s… 5 hours ago - 32 retweets

TicToc by Bloomberg: Meet the female entrepremeur behind @TstmkrsAfrica, a travel startup that curates experiences and hopes to change t… 19 hours ago - 22 retweets

The Wall Street Journal: Guillaume Pousaz, chief of a transaction-processing startup with a soaring valuation, says the future of banking wi… 1 days ago - 20 retweets