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Mark Suster: If I could distill one of the most critical differentiator a startup that succeeds against the masses that do not,… 2 days ago - 227 retweets

Sam Altman: YC Startup School is back, with grants this time! Get advice and join a community. Run by… 2 days ago - 129 retweets

The Israel Project: An Israeli startup is developing a device that will let pregnant women take ultrasound scans on their smartphone.… 2 days ago - 88 retweets

🚶🏻Curtis S. Chin: @helene_wpli @annavitals @TamaraMcCleary @Startup_Nerd @GrowUrStartup @SpirosMargaris @MHiesboeck @jblefevre60… 1 days ago - 56 retweets

Mark Essien: Akwa Ibom State has signed the MOU for the completion of the Ibom Science Park. The commissioner for Sci and Tech P… 1 days ago - 51 retweets

TicToc by Bloomberg: China's bike-sharing startup Ofo has laid off employees across the board in North America, as it scales back its U.… 1 days ago - 40 retweets

CoinDesk: A New York-based startup will sell its cryptocurrency in order to save journalism from tech giants like Google and… 2 days ago - 36 retweets

STPI: Jaipur-based HR-tech #startup WorkNrBy helps you find job opportunities close to home 1 days ago - 32 retweets

STPI: From one rooftop to another, cleantech #startup ZunRoof is powering the solar wave 8 hours ago - 23 retweets

John T. Chambers: France is on its way to becoming the startup gateway in Europe. That’s why I’m excited as Global Ambassador to… 19 hours ago - 22 retweets