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Chowkidar Anurag Thakur: Prime Minister @narendramodi Ji, This startup is from Himachal and is amongst the Worlds Top 10 places to stay! Co… 1 days ago - 283 retweets

Ali Haider Zaidi: Met with tech leaders & entrepreneurs of Pakistan origin in Silicon Valley, CA. Productive discussion on what needs… 1 days ago - 147 retweets

Paul Graham: "Growing up I was told to obtain a good education, find a stable job and settle down. When I chose a very different… 15 hours ago - 103 retweets

rat king: amazon testing program to introduce startups that use AWS to VCs who can invest in those companies IF amazon is us… 1 days ago - 101 retweets

CoinDesk: Banking startup @2gether_global is launching a prepaid Visa debit card that allows eurozone-based users to spend cr… 3 hours ago - 74 retweets

Dr.Omkar Rai: Indian #startup Flybase, focused on #drone tech, winning the Grand Champion award in #OpenInnovationContest, a glob… 1 days ago - 61 retweets

Larry Madowo: The Government of Rwanda is among investors who have put in $1.25 billion new capital in a London-based satellite s… 7 hours ago - 60 retweets

STPI: Foreign investors from Brazil, UAE, Singapore and Canada investing in early-stage #startups focused on #fintech,… 1 days ago - 57 retweets

Bloomberg: This near $1 billion startup is led by a 27-year-old female CEO 1 days ago - 49 retweets

Bloomberg: Not only is Rosaline Chow Koo a rare female entrepreneur, she grew up poor in Los Angeles and became a founder in h… 21 hours ago - 43 retweets

Bill Gurley: Everyone in startup land should be tracking the Oct-2018 announcement by the US Fed that it would potentially launc… 13 hours ago - 43 retweets

Rise of the Rest: Every year, @SteveCase and our @Revolution team get on a bus to celebrate #startup ecosystems and invest in… 18 hours ago - 40 retweets

Raksha Ramaiah 🇮🇳: The nature of growth under Modi has not helped the most employment-intensive sectors in industry & services Despit… 3 hours ago - 31 retweets

Steve Case: Why entrepreneurs are leaving the Bay Area for their next startup @Axios: “This is about t… 1 days ago - 20 retweets