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Tim Bergling: So I invested in Swedens first cold brew coffee company. Pretty cool startup that's innovating the Swedish way of c… 2 days ago - 221 retweets

Keith Gill: Some fresh facts for ya! #Internet.#DigitalMarketing #InternetMarketing #SocialMedia #SEO #SMM #BigData #bitcoin… 2 days ago - 89 retweets

CMO Maharashtra: Power of IT is known to the world. We have come up with a #Fintech policy, ITES township policy to encourage digita… 20 hours ago - 49 retweets

Entrepreneur: How to Finance Taking Your Startup to the Big Time 1 days ago - 48 retweets

Lea Verou: Translation: I only fund 20-something founders who have no responsibilities and no children to feed, and their momm… 22 hours ago - 47 retweets

CMO Maharashtra: CM @Dev_Fadnavis recalled that he visited a #Startup exhibition 2 years ago and saw a device which clicks some thou… 1 days ago - 46 retweets

Bluzelle: An opinion piece from Pavel published on International Business Times: 2 days ago - 38 retweets

TechCrunch: South Korea aims for startup gold 1 days ago - 23 retweets

TechCrunch: TechCrunch Startup Battlefield is headed to VivaTech in Paris on May 24th #TCBattlefield #VivaTech 2 days ago - 22 retweets

TechCrunch: NBA all-star Baron Davis wants to prep athletes and entertainers for the startup game by @jshieber 20 hours ago - 17 retweets

TNW: This startup is trying to make bitcoin mining more accessible for everyone 2 days ago - 16 retweets

TNW: This startup is bringing transparency to the weed industry — with blockchain 2 days ago - 15 retweets