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Mike Hudema: This New York #startup lets residents give or sell #solarpower to each other through a #blockchain-powered microgri… 9 hours ago - 200 retweets

Kanchan Gupta: 'Startup India' was launched by PM Modi with much fanfare. We were to become the second 'Startup Nation' after Isra… 9 hours ago - 187 retweets

Parmy Olson: Babylon Health is one of Britain's most promising startups pushing AI, but staff inside have been worried about a r… 2 days ago - 168 retweets

Michael Tracey: Of course the new report being blared across the media to fuel yet another round of panic over Russian memes was pr… 1 days ago - 125 retweets

Kunal Bahl: This has got to stop! We are going to end up destroying the most promising startup community in the world. 1 days ago - 98 retweets

Amitabh Kant: Delighted to meet the 24 mantra organic startup team. They deal with more than 45,000 farmers over 2,25,000 acres… 1 days ago - 79 retweets

Startup India: Want to know how your States are promoting their Startups? Follow #StatesStartupRanking2018 & join us live for the… 14 hours ago - 70 retweets

Olivia Solon: this AI startup is in no way going to stop the next school shooting 8 hours ago - 52 retweets

Josh Constine: Clever business model. Clearbanc raises its own VC-like funds to invest ad dollars in other startups in exchange fo… 16 hours ago - 48 retweets

DHH: Appreciate @mijustin sharing his doubts, struggles, and uncertainties about where to take his startup. No matter wh… 1 days ago - 46 retweets

Reuters Top News: Looking back at 2018: German startup launches hamburger alternative for those squeamish about eating meat: insect b… 14 hours ago - 45 retweets

Tom Gara: The big lesson of Robinhood's bizarre & brief attempt to impersonate a bank: "a hot tech startup that pretends to b… 1 days ago - 38 retweets

Sankrant Sanu सानु: #EaseOfBusiness? Doing a startup is still insanely complicated in India in terms of govt regulation. Why not take… 1 days ago - 35 retweets

Mercy For Animals: The startup accelerator behind Airbnb, Reddit, and Dropbox is investing to shut down factory farms 1 days ago - 29 retweets