What are Socialgraphics?

Beyond demographics and psychographics, TrueLens introduces Socialgraphics -- social behavioral customer intelligence that drives 2x marketing performance.

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Socialgraphics are deep insights that maximize the lifetime value of your customers.

Socialgraphics tells you about what truly matters to your customers by revealing their expressed brand preferences, interests and intents--sourced from their online activity and updated in real time.

TrueLens computes Socialgraphics from your customers’ public social media profiles by translating qualitative expressions into actionable quantitative data.

  • Match Customers to Social

    Match Customers to Social

    Your customers express themselves online through their public social profiles. TrueLens matches the customers in your database to those profiles across social networks.

  • Mine Customer Expressions and Distill Socialgraphics

    Mine Customer Expressions and Distill Socialgraphics

    TrueLens applies Natural Language Processing, brand taxonomies and machine learning algorithms to analyze your customers' public social media posts and identify their real world brand preferences and offline behaviors.

  • Make Data Actionable Via Your CRM

    Make Data Actionable Via Your CRM

    TrueLens appends the new Socialgraphic data on your customers into your existing CRM system, enriching your database--at the individual customer level--with actionable columns on their preferences and intents.

  • Run More Effective Marketing Campaigns

    Run More Effective Marketing Campaigns

    Use Socialgraphics to target and define new customer segments based on interests, brand preferences and purchase intents. Reach those segments to increase transactions and customer lifetime value.

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